Heart-Shaped Islands in the World

1 – Galesnjak Island (Lovers’ Island) – Croatia

Heart-shaped Galesnjak Island
This private and uninhabited small island contains only wild plants and trees and untouched beaches of the azure-blue Adriatic Sea, making it a great spot for couples in love. The island has become a major tourist destination after its perfect heart-shape was discovered on Google Earth in 2009.
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2 – Heart Reef –  Australia

Heart-shaped Reef Australia

Located in Great Barrier Reef off Whitsunday Islands, it is a stunning coral formation that has been naturally formed into the shape of a heart. It can only be appreciated from the air, due to its protected status. The reef is a popular icon amongst travellers and is the site of many flight proposals. Click here to see this island on Google Maps.

 3 – Makepeace Island – Australia

Heart-shaped Makepeace Island
It is a private island, home to a luxurious retreat, on the Noosa River in Queensland. This heart-shaped island is nearby beaches, lakes and other wonders of Australia’s Sunshine Coast.
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4 – Heart-shaped Island – South Korea

Heart-shaped Island - South Korea
Located in the East China Sea, this natural heart-shaped island is uninhabited with a large beach along its eastern coast.
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5 – Blueberry Island – Canada

Heart-shaped Blueberry Island
Located in the Laurentian Mountains, just 45 minutes north of Montreal, this forested island has a lovely sandy beach and its only accommodation is a red cedar log cabin. The perfect heart-shaped island was put for sale, in November 2012.
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6 – Tavarua Island – Fiji Islands

Heart-shaped Tavarua Island
Surrounded by a coral reef, this romantic heart-shaped island is nestled in the South Pacific Ocean. Located near Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island, Tavarua Island is home to a luxurious all-inclusive resort.
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7 – Heart-shaped Island – Orinoco River – Venezuela

Heart-shaped Island - Orinoco River - Venezuela
Flying over the Orinoco River, in Ciudad Bolívar, hidden in the peace and tranquillity of the Venezuela’s tropical jungle, you can see a luxurious heart-shaped island.

8 – Harbor Island – Maine – USA

Heart-shaped Harbor Island - USA
Located in the middle of Bucks Harbor, Brooksville, Maine, this forested heart-shaped island is home to a modest cabin on its shore. Besides the bay being a very popular summer colony, Harbor Island offers privacy and peace. The island was sold to a state-wide land conservation organization in order to protect this natural beauty.
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9 – Isla Corazón (Heart Island) – Lake Mascardi – Argentina

Isla Corazón - Argentina
Isla Corazón is a beautiful Patagonian’s sample of a heart-shaped island, located in the middle of the Mascardi Lake. This tree-covered island is best viewed from the East side of Gutierrez Lake. Actually, it is not a perfect heart-shaped island. It will only take on the heart shape when viewed from a specific angle.
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10 – Heart-shaped Island – Lake Walchensee – Germany

Heart-shaped Walchensee Island
Located in the middle of the Bavarian Alps, it is identified as a small isle positioned in Lake Walchensee, one of the deepest lakes in the country. Photo by: Specialist Stock / Barcroft Media .
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11 – Heart-shaped Island – Vaza-Barris River – Brazil

Heart-shaped Island - Vaza-Barris River - Brazil
Hidden in the mangrove delta of the Vaza-Barris River, in the state of Sergipe, this beautiful piece of nature is Brazil’s sample of a heart-shaped island.

12 – Heart-shaped Island – Adana – Turkey

Heart-shaped Island - Adana - Turkey
This perfectly heart-shaped island, located in the city of Adana in Turkey, only shows its ideal heart shape from the sky.

13 – Tupai Island – French Polynesia

Heart-shaped Tupai Island
This heart-shaped paradise island is near Bora Bora, where pure white-sand beaches with coconut trees frame a shallow turquoise lagoon. Tupai is actually an uninhabited atoll, named the most romantic spot in Tahiti. Some companies even offer wedding packages for couples that want to get married there.
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14 – Heart-shaped Island – Okavango Delta – Botswana

Heart-shaped Island - Botswana
Situated about 25 kilometres west of Mombo, in the Okavango Delta, this beautiful heart-shaped island is nestled on a floodplain area, where all the African big animals can be found regularly, including elephant, lion, leopard and buffalo.

15 – Heart-shaped Island – Lake Klaine Müritz – Germany

Heart-shaped Island - Lake Klaine Muritz - Germany
This small nameless island is nestled in Lake Kleine Müritz, near the municipality of Rechlin. Its heart-shaped silhouette could be seen only from above.
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16 – Moorea Island – French Polynesia

Heart-shaped Moorea Island
Moorea Island’s shape vaguely resembles a heart. But this romantic tropical island is a popular honeymoon destination, especially because its stunning scenery, where a beautiful mountain backdrop melts into a crystal clear lagoon.
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17 – Heart-shaped Island – Alaska – USA

Heart-shaped Island - Port Chalmers - Alaska
Hidden on the beautiful fjords of Alaska, is a small heart-shaped island, near Port Chalmers area, Prince William Sound.

18 – Netrani Island – India

Heart-shaped Netrani Island - India
Netrani, also known as Pigeon Island, is a tiny coral island, with a shape of a heart, located in the Arabian Sea. This inhabited island is a hub of exotic marine species and it is one of the best sites for snorkelling and diving activities.
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19 – Kardia Island – Greece

Heart-shaped Kardia Island - Greece
Called by locals as “Kardia”, due to its heart-shaped silhouette, the small rocky island is a skerry of the Sapientza Island, in the Messinian Golf. With a population of seven inhabitants, according to the latest census, the island is almost a desert paradise.
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20 – Petre Island – USA

Heart-shaped Petre Island - Mahopac Lake - USA
This heart-shaped island rises out of the middle of Lake Mahopac, 47 miles from New York City. It boasts magnificent rock formations, nature trails and 200-year-old beech trees. It was for sale in 2012, coming with a 5000-square foot residence.
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